Friday, April 11, 2014

enjoying the weather

Wednesday I went to the beach and took a long walk. I found some mermaid tears and just enjoyed the sound of the waves.

Then I went to moms to clean up her flower garden and revealed yellow and purple crocus hidden beneath the leaves. It needs much more clean up but at least she can sit and watch the flowers come up. I worked on mine a little too until my back said enough. After a lavender epsom soak I was feeling much better.

I have spent enough time stitching, three purses and a pouch. The purple one I sent off, the forget me not periwinkle below, and the pansy pouch with a bit of shibori too.. I was on a roll but now the outdoors calls me.
This morning a friend stopped by to show me his new "old"car. It is so cute.

 He took me for a ride and it rides really nice. It is a repro called a sway, built in the 80's. I had no idea they existed. It has a rumble seat.

So after my ride I started in cleaning the garden then ordered 10 yards of mulch. I'm going to be very busy for about a week. It felt wonderful to be in the dirt and outside all day. Spring is here:-)

I'm curling up in my comfy chair with a cup of tea and my laptop to Pin for a while. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Busy as a bee before warm temps arrive

I have been in to so many different things since my last post. I had studio time with Dawn and her soon to be DIL Haley....
I made a wristlet.....

I browsed our local quilt show with my pal Jilly.....
 and was pleasantly surprised to see a display of all issues of Crazy Quilt Gatherings in front of the Lees Lines booth. What an honor.
  I couldn't believe there was an actual crazy quilt Valparaiso! I met the delightful mother daughter team, Lee(mom) and Krista (daughter).
I received my cheerful pastel  Flights of fancy Boutique monthly embellishment pack. Spring is in the air....
I made a purse for a friend and finished this morning....
I used a piece of gold stamped rich plum velvet for the back. It gets mailed tomorrow morning to a special someone.

 We got to see Ed and Megan for a few minutes over the weekend, I spent an entire day cleaning the studio and filtering stuff out, I played a little in the yard and visited mom. It is supposed to warm up next week and I'm getting my bicycle washed and check the tires so I can begin my biking. I miss it although the exercise bike is better than nothing.

The wedding plans are going smoothly and it will be here before we know it. I have three more things to make for it and then I will relax. Dress shopping is on my list for next week. I have a few styles in mind but I will know it when I see it. I'm not a dress person so I'll be asking the sales ladies their opinion and take a couple of friends up on their offer to accompany me here and there until I find one. I'm getting more and more excited and can't stop thinking of things I could do but I'm trying to keep out until asked as much as possible. After all, the mother of the bride should get to experience her daughters wedding without me butting in. I did get to see my son's ring and it is so modern and unique, very nice. I love it.

Lately I've been browsing rescue shelters in my area. I'm feeling a strong urge for another little girl. I'm trying to keep it low key until after the wedding. It is hard to do. When I was walking in the garden I spotted a ring of snowdrops in bloom around Angell's memorial stone. I miss her terribly. Especially in the spring for some reason.

Such a big personality in a tiny body. Irreplaceable. I think I its time to spoil another little soul. I'm not sure DH agrees, but we will see.
Enjoy your day, I hope its sunny wherever you are.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finished a purse and rambling....

Yesterday morning after cleaning and laundry I decided to take a ride to St. Joe to see the kids. I wanted mom to go but she was not in the traveling mood. It was mild and sunny and I had a nice drive. I stopped at Michaels to browse and waste time because I wanted to pick up lunch for them and didn't want to be too early. So, I took my time and checked out areas I never go to. It was interesting with all the Easter stuff out. Cute decorating items too.

I picked up lunch and enjoyed the visit. I almost stopped at the lake to see how much ice had melted but decided to wait and check back next month. On the way home I picked up a pizza for DH. That freed up my evening to stitch so I finished one of the purses I'm working on.

 I used an embroidered fabric I dyed for the back. It is textured and I poxed the dye for an unusual look. 

I like it and plan on dyeing more. It is a heavy/mid weight cotton, sort of canvas like.
Now back to embellishing the other one this evening. It is another sunny day so I think I'm going to take a walk and go through the garden and take notes on what needs to be done. The electric company cut large branches off my Red bud tree and that is not a happy thing. I'm sure they were damaged from the fallen Hickory tree during the storm months ago and they just cleaned it up, but it is where my hammock goes and I swing and look up at the pretty pink blooms. After the wedding I'm putting all my energy into the garden. I'm planning on a covered area with plants liking filtered sunlight so mom can join me for tea and lunches this year. Her meds don't allow her to be in the sun for very long.

Well, I'm off for my walk. I hope you enjoy your day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is in the air

Milder temperatures have me ordering seed catalogs, buying garden magazines and and jotting down garden plans. The snow is melting in the garden and I'm seeing all the work ahead of me. The storm last year that had broken several large old trees and scattered several limbs throughout the garden and side yard has made a lot of work for me but after the snowy winter I am finding myself ready to tackle it. I think it will be a major task but great therapy.

The wedding will be here before we know it. That is just about all I think of these days. I can't wait to see it all come together and my son happily married with the stress behind them both. After a meeting with the wedding coordinator a couple weeks ago we stopped to take a look at the band shell where the wedding will be held and looking down to where they will stand I could imagine the guests, the hydrangeas tied up with large bows, a soft breeze from the lake, sunshine and the view of the water and got a bit overwhelmed. It is going to be so romantic and a wedding I would have loved to have myself. I'm so excited that so many of my friends will be sharing this special time with me. It sounds selfish to need my friends there for me, but they share so much of my life and their support will be comforting because in my eyes and heart, they are my family.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet my friend Karen's granddaughter on her first birthday. Her name is Emma and she is as sweet as her name. As you can see, it was hard to not squeeze those little cheeks. She is already a model....
  I got to hold her and play a little and enjoy her little noises she makes that made us laugh. She has the cutest giggle and purrr that makes you stop mid sentence to listen to.
Happy first birthday Emma...

I hope Karen records that so she can remember always. There is so much we forget once they are grown, and they do grow up so quickly. Emma is a lucky little girl to have Karen for a grandma. I'm sure I will see the two of them out planting posies in a month or two. We have already discussed tea parties in the garden :-)

Today I took mom to lunch. She finally had her Red Lobster,LOL. I enjoyed the time we spent although we didn't do anything spectacular, its rewarding to know she enjoys it as much as I do, just hanging out. St. Joe is still on her mind so that will be our next adventure. That and dress shopping for the wedding :-)
 We didn't get out much this winter with all the snow. We will make up for it, no worries.
So a couple weeks ago I get this package in the mail, out of the blue. I recognize the name and open the package wondering what could be inside. To my surprise, a very sweet lady, friend who took a couple classes with me a few years ago, had been downsizing and sent me her grandmother's scrap book. It was filled with beautiful delicate yellowed pages of vintage scrap (Collections of scraps were pasted into special scrap albums and Victorians mixed calling cards, greeting cards and any pictures they liked and wanted to keep that were special to them. The Victorians were very romantic and loved sentimentality and keepsakes. ) from the 1800's, and I was overwhelmed needless to say. Large images, tiny images, flowers, children, etc....Here are a few scrap pieces. The original scrap has a beautiful glossy patina which I didn't capture in the photo. Vibrant colors and sweet subjects to work into my projects.
 I naturally cried a bit thinking how Donna entrusted me with this family treasure. I still can't get over such a gift but I know she knows it will remain safely in my possession. I immediately knew I wanted to choose an image and create her a little something so she still has a part of it. I made a little purse with a "D" image since her name is Donna plus it had violets which I love.
  (I did fix the bead attaching the clasp, whoops) Donna, if you are reading this, you know how special you made me feel and I thank you for this sweet treasure.

Shibori has always caught my attention because of the beautiful colors and sheen and although I would fondle the Shibori when I saw it at shows, I never actually tried working with it. That is until my bud Jilly reintroduced it to me as a beading base. (Blogged in Jan) Well, I am hooked. It is gorgeous stuff to work with and I've made another bracelet. The first one is a cuff I made for myself with Jilly during our play dates last month. The smaller one is a bracelet I made for a dear friend's birthday. I'm not a great beader but I love beads and welcome the chance to use them when I can, so Shibori is on my hot list now. It is a bit pricey but I think it is worth it for special projects. I've

I made Megan a Shibori purse for her birthday too. She loved it and I was so glad she enjoys the "crazy" side of her soon to be mother in law :-)
I'm currently working on a few special projects and wedding items that I can't share just yet. My fingers are keeping busy I can assure you that. I'm just awaiting warmer weather so I can enjoy the front porch swing again and stitch the mornings away as I am bathed in sunshine and bliss.

 Have a wonderful day tomorrow, or today for my friends across the pond :-)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Have to share

I just couldn't sit on this any longer. My sweet friend Jan Obertein has some of her work at the Vintage Marketplace  at the Oaks in Fallbrook CA. The show is presented by Christy Repasy and Rita Reade. Who better to represent your work?

Still time to go!

 The Vintage Marketplace at "The Oaks"
March 7th, 8th & 9th, 2014 Friday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
4805 5th St.
Rainbow/Fallbrook, CA 92028
Jan is too modest to toot her own horn and I was keeping quiet at her request because I know how it is to be praised(mom) when you don't want the attention. However, this gal deserves all the praise she gets because her style I classify as a "soft whisper" of elegant shabby. Her light color palette combined with her quaint images of nature and children melt your heart.

I received an email this morning from a woman who attended the show yesterday and purchased several of Jan's pieces. I'm so proud of her and can't wait for her to return home to hear all about her adventure. Her dear husband, Jim, is quite a sweetie to accompany her. I'm sure he is enjoying seeing Jan's excitement. 

Sorry Jan, I just had to share my excitement. I hope anyone attending the show stops by Rita's booth and views your work in person. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Announcement

If you have read in the latest issue of Crazy Quilt Gathering, I'm retiring from the magazine. I will finish the year out because I have so much yet that I want to share and I also want to give the new owner a fresh start for 2015. I wanted to make the announcement of the new owner, publisher to you now....drum roll please... 

Pamela Kellogg of Kitty and Me!!!!!

I've known Pam for several years online and her background in publishing, creating, and reputation in the crazy quilt community speaks for itself. I will let her tell you about that. She is as excited to continue it as I am to have her to. I hope you will continue to subscribe/read the magazine because it will be the same fun content, but Pam will take it in new directions and continue to chock it full of eye candy and tutorials. The magazine will remain Crazy Quilt Gatherings by Kitty and Me for a while until everyone knows it is the same magazine. Pam should certainly have the right to rename it as she sees fit. I will certainly be submitting when I can.

More on that later, I just wanted to announce it so Pam could share her excitement because she is so sweet and considerate that she wanted me to share with my reader's first. Pam will take over for the Spring 2015 issue so don't hesitate to congratulate her and submit eye candy and tutorials, ads, etc to her at any time. But also...don't forget me :-) Three more issues this year awaiting your work :-) 
Hugs to all! Thank you Pam. ;-)