Friday, July 10, 2015

Rainy days make new Project Digests!

I just surprised myself and released the second series in my project digests. Thank you for your support and kind comments on the first issue. I hope some beautiful Shibori butterflies are being made.

This one is a tutorial on making the sewing kits that became so popular. I hope you enjoy it. Here
PS~ I wish I could do something about the shipping!!!!!!
I had a fun beach stroll the other day. Will share later, I'm off to see the kids this morning. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 29, 2015

New series....Mini Project Digest

I'm excited to announce the first project digest in a continuing series of crazy quilt related embellishments and projects is now available. The first digest is on making the Shibori Butterfly. Step by step full color directions packed within the pages of this small and convenient booklet. These digests measure only 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" so you can slip them in your project bag, purse, or wherever you want a handy tutorial. I will be offering same size mini binders to collect all of them or just the projects you find interesting in the near future so you can keep each issue protected.

This project digest series will randomly be published, so you may want to subscribe to my Magcloud page if you haven't already to be one of the first to be alerted when a new digest is released.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sumertime is here

It has been so humid and wet here but I do steal a chance at meandering through my flower garden between the rain storms. It seems when the flowers open, it rains for days and I miss the blooms that I've waited months to see again. Not fair mother nature....not fair at all. But at least it isn't snow. The phlox along the front sidewalk garden are 5'7" this year. They will be blooming very soon and I cannot wait for that explosion of color and sweet fragrance.
Speaking of sweet fragrance, I harvested my first lavender a few days ago. Its ready to cut again.
  Mom wanted to see Spy with Melissa McCarthy (Molly) so we enjoyed an afternoon together. Yes, there are a few R rated words but the laughs make up for them. Besides, on regular TV you hear worse these days. So, another fun outing with mom. After the show I had arranged to meet a gal selling a rascal. Mom tried it out and liked it, so now she has a more comfortable mode of transportation when we go to St. Joe shopping. Her osteo and hip is so painful and this will help tremendously. I tried it out. What a smooth ride!
I finished another purse using a bit of shibori and put it in my etsy shop. I have a purse sale going on at the moment.
There is a fun small publishing project I'm working on that I will announce soon. Although I couldn't have possibly continued teaching and publishing the magazine, I still miss the tutorial and photoshop work so I've come up with a solution to pacify my muse. I hope you find it of interest and I promise to fill you in very soon.

Other than enjoying all I can at the moment, there is nothing else happening. And that is how I like it. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hands from their Hearts to mine.

After a heavy but fast thunder storm this morning it is now too humid and hot to breathe outside so I thought I would share the beautiful crazy quilted hands I've received so far for my wall hanging I will begin in the fall. I can't thank you all enough for taking time to plan and stitch  your hand for me. They are so special, each and every one of them. Group hug my sweet friends.  Enjoy the eye candy peeps. I will get better photos. The detail on these are wonderful.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

June has arrived!

Surprise! Another post within a few weeks, lol. It's a beautiful day and I've been weeding this morning but now its too hot (or that's just my excuse) and I thought I'd blog then stitch.
The Iris are in mid bloom and fairy bells, lavender, and delphiniums are just starting to bloom. How can you not like to garden? Seeing and smelling the flowers will always be my inspiration to continue digging and weeding till I can't stand up straight. That's what Epsom salts and lavender are for.

The back side garden is filled up already. This new garden used to be shady with three large pine trees but a storm last year took them all down exposing my hammock to the sunshine so.....I planted a garden!

 Last week my wonderful son and daughter in law celebrated their first wedding anniversary. I took them our gift and a special gift from my sweet friend, Annette Graves, which I shared in the last post. They loved it and kept spying familiar items hidden among the collage. It is so pretty in person.

  Mom had a nice visit with her best friend Joyce. After I took Joyce's daughters for a beach walk, they all followed me home to see the garden.
Carol and Missy

Mom, Joyce, me
 Missy, me, Carol
Yesterday I did mom's hair after we walked through the garden. She stopped under the archway covered with the most fragrant old rose and enjoyed the fragrance for a while.
So that pretty much wraps up life the past week except for a little more stitching in the garden.

 A small garden snake chases me in the other day and I haven't been back to my spot. I wish I could ignore snakes but they give me the creeps darting about so quickly and slithering along under my chaise. At least I didn't go after him with a garden hoe like I used to years ago.
So I finished this purse and am about to finish the other today.

I almost went to the beach this morning but headed to the garden instead, so I'm thinking tomorrow I will be strolling early in the morning before it gets too hot. Perhaps I'll see a mermaid!
Have a great day!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blooms galore and enjoying life's offerings

The flowers are blooming and birds are singing...what a wonderful spring. I've been enjoying the sights and scents of the garden these days. I've even taken time to slow down and smell the roses....well, maybe not slow down, but I am smelling the roses. These are from my mother in law who rescued them several years ago when they were removing the Gary Post office. Every spring when they bloom I sit in the garden to reflect on the special times I was fortunate to share with her. She was a great woman and I miss her so much. She was always the first to get a bouquet of lilacs and I really miss surprising her with them. Thank goodness for memories.

I took mom to Ogden Garden park for lunch a few weeks ago. It was chilly but sunny and sitting in the gazebo chatting made for a great afternoon.
My trip to South Haven with my pal Leslie Kenreich was so much fun. We stopped at several antique shops and this one was very strange but so interesting.
Love the fence...

 and these doors were amazing!

Willow Bend Antiques was my favorite. Mary Woodruff is the owner and she knows how to stage. Behind the large building are several little cabins chock full of treasures.

My treasures for the day were some mother of pearl buttons, needlepoint pictures and a purse to re-purpose as boho bags and a mirrored shelf that I found interesting.

We had worked up an appetite so we stopped at Clementines in South Haven and splurged on foods we don't normally eat, but love. Just look at those onion rings and zucchini. Yes, I had a refreshing strawberry daiquiri.
 Their bar is beautiful.

This place was fun too.
So today I am taking a gift from a very sweet friend in TX, Annette Graves. Annette made me a beautiful framed photo of my husband and me from my sons wedding last year. Monday he will celebrate his first anniversary so Annette made them a special framed photo of them on their honeymoon. Thank you YR, I'll get a good pic of them holding it today.

A bit of stitching too...

Mom's best friend from Arkansas is visiting for a few days so she will enjoy catching up and spending time with a girlfriend, and we all know what great therapy that is. Hugs to all my girlfriends, life would be less bright without you! Well, I better get going, have a great day!