Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Been a of trip to Nappanee and bike ride to St. Joe

So...Autumn has arrived, it is beautiful. This is mom's road, the golden tunnel.
Temps are mild but soon to change. I had the opportunity to take mom to a B&B a week ago.We headed East to Nappanee, the heart of Indiana's Amish country. Along the way we saw a beautiful color show.

At the quilt show I attended recently with my bud Leslie, I picked up a flyer and met the lady who owned a B&B in Nappanee. The lovely Victorian Pink Lady on the flyer caught my eye. I've always loved the ones in California. So she informed me although it was a Quilter's retreat, she also offered rooms to other guests. I knew immediately that I would be visiting soon. I showed mom the website and she fell in love. So, a couple days later we were off on another adventure.

The Victorian Guest House was greeting us with open arms on a mild sunny Autumn day.
I took a pic of mom while she  was standing,  by the post waiting for me to get our bags......

but then she came all the way back down the steps and insisted on taking one of me as well. Mother!
The foyer was a beautiful sight. Very welcoming. We were led upstairs to our room, The Coppes Suite, and it was perfect. The stairwell was beautiful, I could have set up camp right on the second landing,LOL.

 The bathroom, well, you know I love my bubble baths....65 gallon 100 yr old tub...need I say more?

We took a little tour of the B&B. I gasped when I saw this beauty. The owner's grandmother had it stuffed in a bag in her closet. Can you imagine what they thought when they found this? Whoa! Although it is a traditional pieced fan quilt, which I love, the seams were crazy stitched. Close ups in the upcoming issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings.
Ok, here is one peek..
 We dropped off our things and went to meander around the town. Mom seemed to be getting hungry...
so we decided it was time to find some Amish fare. But first, we stopped at Veni's, the sweet shop on the next block from the B&B. Shameful!
  The young lady was charming.
We browsed antique shops, specialty shops, a fabric shop.
 Even a grocery store. The most orderly one I've ever seen.
We enjoyed seeing the horses sprinkled about the town. Several bikes too.
 Mom and I were both tired from the richness this little town offered and was ready for bed earlier than expected. Naturally, with mom there is never a dull moment. Laughing is just an ongoing activity for us, hence my deep laugh lines I've owned since a teen. The bed was a bit high for her so I helped her up then grabbed my phone for a pic as she was perched tettering on the edge of the bed laughing so hard she almost fell off.
So we headed to Shishewana the next morning. Mom wants to return next year...I'm thinking 2015 CQ Retreat??????? If I can find 10 more ladies???? Tootles for now.

I haven't been there since I my mother in law took me to Lolly's. It was a bittersweet visit as I remembered our time together ooh-ing and aah-ing over fabrics. The town was pretty quiet because everyone was at the flea market but I knew mom couldn't walk that much so I didn't mention it. I'll have to grab a girlfriend or two for that.
We stopped at Yoder Department store of course. It was a tradition,lol.
 Then we found another antique shop.
 Even more horse drawn carts naturally.

Last stop of the day was Essenhaus for lunch. It was a memorable overnighter! Thanks mom.

It was gorgeous Saturday, 80's and sunshine and DH wanted to take a bike ride. I thought I would be hot so I only wore a sweatshirt, no layering. Well, it started off alright but when we got to St. Joe, riding along the lake, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Silver Beach

   I was shivering. DH got his leather jacket from the back but I knew he gets colder than I do so I told him to wear it. I kind of regretted that decision after a few seconds later,LOL.
 I thawed my fingers under my behind and thought if I kept busy taking pictures of the colorful show nature provided, I would forget about the chill. It worked for a while. The leaves were a confetti explosion of Autumnal colors.

Speaking of St. Joe, I better get going. I'm heading up to play with my pal Leslie k today for a couple hours. I missed the sunrise this morning, but this was from two days ago. So pretty!

 More to share later. Have a glorious day!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Relaxing weekend and a few wedding pics

It has been a beautiful weekend. The kids spent the night and we just caught up on events and watched a movie. This morning I grabbed a blanket and a book and headed to the porch swing to read a few lines and feel the sunshine on my face. The kids were still sleeping so I did a bit of seed gathering and weeding in the garden.
I was delighted to hear the wedding photos had finally been delivered. Here are a few of my favorites. I don't want to load too many because they haven't gone through them yet.

Parents waiting patiently for the bride to be.

Happy Groom seeing his bride walking down the aisle.

 Skipping ahead to the newly married happy fella, my handsome son, Edward.
My bud Karen R is to the left (LOL) I think that is my pal Leslie K behind Ed, not sure???

Their life together as husband and wife has just begun. Oh the wonderful things before them.

Groom and Mother dance.

I will share more after I have permission to do so,LOL. I just couldn't help myself. Ok, one more...
The kids just left to visit Megan's parents so I'm going to soak in a bubble bath and curl up with my book for a bit until I nod off. I've been fighting off a headache all day and maybe hot tea is needed also. I hope tomorrow is another beautiful weather day. Have a wonderful evening.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Birthday drawing cont.

Well, the first winner of my birthday drawing did not contact me so I put the names of those who congratulated the winners into a hat and pulled the name of Betsy.

In all fairness, I didn't think Connie should lose out in being a winner of a crazy quilted coin purse so she will also be getting one in her choice of colors. Life isn't fair, but I am! So Connie and Betsy, congratulations and PLEASE send me your color preferences and home addresses so I can get your coin purses made. And yes, Connie, you will still receive the printed and pdf issue of the last CQGatherings mag.

Last issue submissions

Well, I'm trying to finish the last issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings early and would like to ask at this time for anyone to send their submissions by Oct 25. If anyone has a step by step tutorial with photos, please contact me asap so I can set aside pages needed. Submissions of tutorials with photos and instructions receives a free copy of the magazine printed and pdf format. International submissions only pay for shipping of printed copy for a tutorial. I'm still accepting eye candy (your projects) and any news or upcoming events. Ads are first come, first serve at a discounted rate for the last issue so contact me for more info. Thank you and have a great day.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Got busy...sorry. Birthday winners

Ok, so I lied, actually I had all intentions of announcing the two birthday giveaway winners yesterday but my account was hacked on Amazon. Please beware peeps. Someone is buying coins using our email addys. They have an investigation going on and might be able to find the person(s) and prosecute. I hope so, I am sick of people with nothing better to do than steal.
Anyway, I'm all good now. So, DH pulled the two names, and the first one who wins a crazy quilted change purse in their colors is .....MANDY CURRIE........ Congratulations Mandy! Please send color preference to my email address which I no longer give out on my blog (advice from Amazon tech)
The second name who will receive a 2014 CQ calendar and the last PDF and printed copy of CQGatherings is .....CONNIE KALINA.....I marked it with a K in case anyone else named Connie commented, I could tell which one. Congratulations Connie! Please email addy to me.

I have a couple other giveaways before the Holidays, so keep visiting for an update. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, it has been quite a wonderful week. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birthday Giveaway.

So, I've been a busy girl enjoying this beautiful day. Had lunch with mom after the post office, enjoyed calls from friends and a short visit with Jilly who brought some pretty pkgs I didn't want to open because they were so cute.

 I got to play in the garden and mow, yes, I enjoy that, but all day I've had you all on my mind , hoping to find the quiet time I had promised to share my birthday giveaway plans for this year. It's simple, I collect all the names wishing birthday wishes from midnight last night to midnight tonight and DH will get to pull out two names from the hat when he gets home tomorrow. The first name will receive a crazy  quilt change purse that I will happily make in your colors, and the second name will receive the printed and PDF copy of my last published issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine coming out a little early so Pam can begin her publication for the new year. So, you do nothing, just wait until I announce the two winners tomorrow afternoon.

My husband brought a tiny snapping turtle home this afternoon. I've named him JJ and created a home. Can you tell I'm in need of a fur baby? LOL.

 I'll be hitting the beach in the morning with my pal Dawn, then to Starbucks for a refreshing drink. I'll be thinking of you :-)

Thank you for all the warm Birthday wishes. It has been overwhelming and I've enjoyed every one of them. I'll also be doing more giveaways during 2015 since I will have more free time, so stop by from time to time, you may get a surprise. Hugs and smiles!