Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Been a while

I'm sure you all haven't missed me during this busy holiday season. I've been staying busy and also enjoying some down time. DH has started his annual  6 week vacation so I'm hanging loose and not fretting with usual household duties.
The tree is up, only one this year. It just needs decorating. I haven't got the usual spring in my step this year but I'm sure it will return soon.
I have sewn a few things. This CQ neck purse traveled to Annamaria.

 I just completed this one and it is going to Kathy in MI.
I've also had the pleasure of purchasing beautiful Oya from my dear friend Rengin of Turkey.
She offers the most beautiful and delicate Oya, Turkish Needle Lace, all handmade in her town. Rengin offers Oya and various CQ items along with other crazy quilters on facebook, join Secondhand crazy quilt supplies and rid your studio of unwanted stash and see what we have in store for you. Debra Dixon is our "mom" and I'm sure you will find some needful thing or two.

I also wanted to share some pretty dainty hand painted porcelain treats from Brier Rose. She is moving at the moment, but once she is settled, I will post because she will be offering her sweet things again. As you can see, they are quite charming little treasures that make my heart sing.
While visiting mom last week she handed me some old photos she found in dad's dresser. Brings back memories. Me at age 10 or 11. I actually remember that dress, it was sheer large pink, orange and lime flower overlay on a white cotton slip. What was she thinking buying me that? LOL.

This was taken in West Virginia at my cousins house when Ed was a just a little guy. Mom is in front, dad is to the right and the rest are cousins. Had to be 1986. I wish I had a photo of the whole house, it is a big beautiful Victorian in Fayetteville.

Time sure moves by swiftly doesn't it?
A few weeks ago I asked mom if she wanted to take a drive to the post office with me and we ended up at Red Lobster. She had a dream the night before that she was eating all the shrimp she could hold so.......it became a reality.
I've got a few errands to run today so I had better get hopping. I hope you all are healthy and happy and are being good because Santa is coming to town soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. Enjoy your day and remember the things we should all be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Farewell Issue Winter 2014 #16 Released!

The Farewell Issue has just been released and is on sale at Magcloud 
Subscribers, your copies have been ordered. Enjoy and Thank you! If you do not receive your issue within two weeks please contact Magcloud/Blurb. I have nothing to do with shipping, I just publish and pay for copies. Thanks again.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Been meaning to share some things.... Ready for some pretty awesome eye candy?

Talk about a whirlwind! I'm still waiting for things to slow down just enough so I can finish something I start, or intend on starting. I've got so many projects in the works, and have been wanting to share some special gifts from sweet friends. I will start from order of receipt. My Yellow Rose of Texas, Annette Graves made this for us right after my son's wedding in May. I couldn't hang it for the longest time because I couldn't stop inspecting it, going over all the textured items. It is even more gorgeous in person. I love it, Thank you again YR!

Next was a Sweet Needle book from my lil sis Shannon, owner and creative goddess of Sweet Inspirations.  It is precious, just like her. The vintage lace, the porcelain roses, the soft colors, and special embellishments make it a treasure I'm sure to enjoy till the end of my days and hand it down to my DIL Megan. Thank you Lil sis.

Recently my bud Leslie Kenreich from St. Joe, Michigan surprised me while we were attending an antique show, with this unbelievable wall hanging. Each embellished patch represents a time or meaning in my life.
 For instance, the wheelbarrow , birdhouse, and flowers for my gardening side. Hotel and luggage for my travels. The sail boats represent lake Michigan and St; Joe, which holds so very much meaning to me, including the fact my sweet Les resides there. The cupcake with candles because this was a birthday gift, the puzzle charm at bottom for my Pieces of Friendship puzzle group, etc.
 When I tore the wrapping off standing by my car you can imagine how touching it was to see all of this heartfelt assemblage meant just for me. Yes, I tried to contain myself but a little bit of love spilled from my eyes. I still can't get over the time Les put into this, her first piece. The sewn writing blew me away. so tedious. Amazing. It hangs by my comfy chair to encourage me that I need to keep creating and like the saying on it reads, "The road to my house is not always straight, but it's paved with fabulous friends and wonderful places. Thank you Les, this is quite a piece of art from the heart.

I must have been pretty awesome in my past life to have friends like I have gathered. LOL.

Thank you all for putting up with me. If I didn't share special things from you, its because I don't want to show off anymore than I have today :-) You know how special you are.
I hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Been a while...pics of trip to Nappanee and bike ride to St. Joe

So...Autumn has arrived, it is beautiful. This is mom's road, the golden tunnel.
Temps are mild but soon to change. I had the opportunity to take mom to a B&B a week ago.We headed East to Nappanee, the heart of Indiana's Amish country. Along the way we saw a beautiful color show.

At the quilt show I attended recently with my bud Leslie, I picked up a flyer and met the lady who owned a B&B in Nappanee. The lovely Victorian Pink Lady on the flyer caught my eye. I've always loved the ones in California. So she informed me although it was a Quilter's retreat, she also offered rooms to other guests. I knew immediately that I would be visiting soon. I showed mom the website and she fell in love. So, a couple days later we were off on another adventure.

The Victorian Guest House was greeting us with open arms on a mild sunny Autumn day.
I took a pic of mom while she  was standing,  by the post waiting for me to get our bags......

but then she came all the way back down the steps and insisted on taking one of me as well. Mother!
The foyer was a beautiful sight. Very welcoming. We were led upstairs to our room, The Coppes Suite, and it was perfect. The stairwell was beautiful, I could have set up camp right on the second landing,LOL.

 The bathroom, well, you know I love my bubble baths....65 gallon 100 yr old tub...need I say more?

We took a little tour of the B&B. I gasped when I saw this beauty. The owner's grandmother had it stuffed in a bag in her closet. Can you imagine what they thought when they found this? Whoa! Although it is a traditional pieced fan quilt, which I love, the seams were crazy stitched. Close ups in the upcoming issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings.
Ok, here is one peek..
 We dropped off our things and went to meander around the town. Mom seemed to be getting hungry...
so we decided it was time to find some Amish fare. But first, we stopped at Veni's, the sweet shop on the next block from the B&B. Shameful!
  The young lady was charming.
We browsed antique shops, specialty shops, a fabric shop.
 Even a grocery store. The most orderly one I've ever seen.
We enjoyed seeing the horses sprinkled about the town. Several bikes too.
 Mom and I were both tired from the richness this little town offered and was ready for bed earlier than expected. Naturally, with mom there is never a dull moment. Laughing is just an ongoing activity for us, hence my deep laugh lines I've owned since a teen. The bed was a bit high for her so I helped her up then grabbed my phone for a pic as she was perched tettering on the edge of the bed laughing so hard she almost fell off.
So we headed to Shishewana the next morning. Mom wants to return next year...I'm thinking 2015 CQ Retreat??????? If I can find 10 more ladies???? Tootles for now.

I haven't been there since I my mother in law took me to Lolly's. It was a bittersweet visit as I remembered our time together ooh-ing and aah-ing over fabrics. The town was pretty quiet because everyone was at the flea market but I knew mom couldn't walk that much so I didn't mention it. I'll have to grab a girlfriend or two for that.
We stopped at Yoder Department store of course. It was a tradition,lol.
 Then we found another antique shop.
 Even more horse drawn carts naturally.

Last stop of the day was Essenhaus for lunch. It was a memorable overnighter! Thanks mom.

It was gorgeous Saturday, 80's and sunshine and DH wanted to take a bike ride. I thought I would be hot so I only wore a sweatshirt, no layering. Well, it started off alright but when we got to St. Joe, riding along the lake, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Silver Beach

   I was shivering. DH got his leather jacket from the back but I knew he gets colder than I do so I told him to wear it. I kind of regretted that decision after a few seconds later,LOL.
 I thawed my fingers under my behind and thought if I kept busy taking pictures of the colorful show nature provided, I would forget about the chill. It worked for a while. The leaves were a confetti explosion of Autumnal colors.

Speaking of St. Joe, I better get going. I'm heading up to play with my pal Leslie k today for a couple hours. I missed the sunrise this morning, but this was from two days ago. So pretty!

 More to share later. Have a glorious day!